University College of Surveying and Geospatial Sciences

The University College of Geoscience and Geospatial Sciences participated in the Professional Day (5th University Forum), organized by the Islamic Scientific College Schools Girls School / Jubaiha, with the participation of more than 40 universities, colleges and government and private universities. This fourth part of the college aims at introducing the students of secondary schools in their branches and their parents with the technical specialties offered by the college and as a strategic partner in guiding the school students professionally in selecting the specialties required by the Jordanian and Arab labor market. The students listened to an explanation about the college, its objectives and the specializations it offers to obtain a two-year diploma in the fields of surveying, geographic information systems and remote sensing, and providing students with a practical application that combines theoretical and practical aspects. The study in the college is related to the general secondary (scientific) section, and is needed by the local and Arab markets. The advantages of the college as compared to the other faculties were also reviewed, as they are located within the geographical center building, which includes qualified and specialized human cadres with extensive experience in the field of cadastral sciences. They include modern surveying equipment, software and laboratories specializing in geographic information systems and remote sensing which are in line with rapid developments Which is witnessing this era, which would provide students with a unique opportunity to study in a scientific environment. The wing of the Faculty of the Center focused on the interest of a large number of students, expressing their hope to study in the center and inquired about the specialties and the number of credit hours. The leaflets were distributed to the students and visitors and answered their questions and inquiries. The Geographical Center received a book of thanks and appreciation from the administration of the schools of Islamic Scientific College / Girls Jubaiha for his active participation in this forum and support for the activities of the College.