University College of Surveying and Geospatial Sciences

The University College of Surveying and Geophysical Sciences organized a meeting with the new students on the occasion of the beginning of the first semester, in the presence of the Director General of the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center, Brigadier General Dr. Awni Al-Khasawneh. The meeting is in line with the College’s vision of integrating students into the academic environment and introducing them to the importance of the specializations offered by the College in the local and Arab labor markets, and the available services provided by the College. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Al-Khasawneh welcomed the new students and expressed his pleasure in their vision and their keenness to select the university college for cadastral and geophysical sciences to complete their intermediate university studies, which reflects the quality and excellence of the academic programs of the college and its scientific and technical equipments. Before the college administration and faculty members and administrative, as the College seeks to provide the main services distinctive to students to secure the appropriate academic atmosphere for them. Al-Khasawneh also expressed his satisfaction with the increasing demand for master’s programs in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is being studied by the Geographical Center in collaboration with Mo’tah University in light of the establishment of the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education. Al-Khasawneh stressed the importance of this open meeting to discuss all matters openly and transparently and to enhance communication channels and dialogue between students and faculty members. Noting that the College attaches great importance to the teaching of specializations of cadastral science, especially with regard to the practical aspect of the study plan, because of the need for local and regional markets for these disciplines to meet the shortage. He pointed out that the Diploma of Surveying, GIS and Remote Sensing programs contribute to preparing students to become qualified and able to enter the labor market with confidence and competence, while the Masters program provides ample opportunities for students to make further progress towards higher academic degree. Al-Khasawneh urged the students to persevere and make every effort to utilize the information, laboratories, software and modern equipment available at the college, which provides them with greater opportunities to challenge and acquire skills and communicate with others. In college and not to disturb them, stressing that the college will provide students with everything they need in order to benefit during the years of their studies in order to graduate from them armed with science and knowledge.