University College of Surveying and Geospatial Sciences

The University College of Surveying and Geophysical Sciences received a group of students from the Latin Monastery / Marka. The scientific visit included the presentation of students on the specializations offered by the College in the two-year diploma (intermediate university diploma). The delegation also briefed the students on the geographical experience of the center in the field of GIS and its development, the role of remote sensing techniques and its practical applications in the development and preservation of the environment, and benefiting from the training opportunities provided by the center in these fields. Then the students toured the field through which they studied the classrooms, laboratories and survey equipment available in the college, in addition to some sections of the technical center such as the space survey and drawing, as well as the mapping. The students also toured the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education for West Asia, which was recently hosted by the Geographical Center in cooperation with the United Nations to receive Jordanian and Arab students and trainees from various Arab Asian countries to hold long, medium and short term training courses in space science, In addition to granting a master’s degree in these sciences in cooperation with the University of Mu’tah, which makes the geographical center an integrated scientific institution in the field of cadastral production, research and training. At the end of the visit, students expressed their admiration for the technical and scientific development of the geographical center not only at the local level but also at the regional and international levels.