University College of Surveying and Geospatial Sciences

Dear students

We welcome you to the University College of Geosciences and Geospatial Sciences, the College that started to accelerate and confidently to be one of the leading colleges in Jordan and the Arab countries. It is a middle school accredited by public and private institutions. Since 1975, the College has enjoyed the strength of scientific and technical knowledge in its specializations for its presence within the premises of the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center, which has qualified and trained professionals in the fields of surveying, GIS and sensing. It also includes the Geographic Portal and the National Center for Remote Sensing, which enables the preparation of qualified and productive students in their educational life with the necessary theoretical and practical information without the need to train them. The graduates of this college contribute significantly to the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development requirements, Not only in Jordan but also in most of the Arab countries, especially in the Arab Gulf countries, working in ministries, institutions, institutions and major companies. We are struggling to build the future of our country and the Arab countries together by setting up our modern educational facilities, Gaza, laboratories, software and qualified academics in our young service men and women Nahih.oood here to welcome all of our students who chose to go together in our college and wish them a successful academy.

Brigadier General Dr. Awni Mohammed Al – Khasawneh