University College of Surveying and Geospatial Sciences

About the University College of Surveying and Geospatial sciences

Is an extension of the training center established since the establishment of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center in 1975 to train cadres specialized in the field of field sciences. The training center was transformed into a community college in 1988. In 1998, the college was administratively and academically affiliated to Al-Balqa Applied University. The college was sent back to receive students in the 2015-2016 academic year and was approved by the Higher Education Accrediting Authority (HEAI) as a first stage. The University College of Geosciences and Geospatial Sciences has played a significant role in providing trained and qualified technical personnel in the area of ​​surveying, mapping, GIS and remote sensing inside and outside the Kingdom, including its contributions in many Arab countries.

College Philosophy

The philosophy of the college in providing qualified teachers and trainers within specific criteria and linking the theoretical concept to the practical concept in the widest and deepest meanings, helped to provide the equipment, devices and modern software available at the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center to a specialized library containing valuable references. Is a state university college accredited by the Higher Education Institutions and is a pioneer in the teaching of cadastral sciences at the level of the Arab world, where it has all the possibilities of a teaching staff with high experience, modern surveying equipment, software, specialized laboratories and halls that suit the study environment.


The two-year diploma is awarded the intermediate university degree in the following major majors:

Diploma of road area and calculation of quantities.

Diploma Area.

Diploma of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

College features

It is an academic institution that is based on theoretical understanding and practical application. It is a distinguished scientific edifice at the local and regional levels because of its unique and distinctive specialties. It plays an important role in facing the challenges and requirements of the labor market. It is distinguished from other colleges due to its presence inside the center building. Which includes qualified and specialized cadres with extensive academic experience in the field of cadastral sciences. It includes modern surveying equipment, software and laboratories specializing in geographic information systems and includes the National Center for Remote Sensing, which will provide its students with an opportunity The advantage of studying in a flourishing scientific and scientific environment is the preparation of competent professionals who possess the theoretical and practical knowledge and are able to innovate and innovate in their fields of specialization, in which the elements of the specialized educational process and the field application, especially the wide space and security required by the field specialization. Education, as well as a library of the latest references, scientific books and specialized research.